Maca Information - What is Maca Root?

Maca is a simple, natural and nutritionally very rich super food. This root has been grown organically in Peru, high in Andes at altitude between 3500 and 4500 meters for centuries. Cultivated in the harshest of environments, maca served people in Peru as a main source of nutrition, since Inca time.

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Many have wondered if maca works and in what way. Does maca work to get you in a better mood? Or does maca make your hormones more balanced?

Based on different studies maca not only helps you improve your mood and hormones, but it was also shown that as a rich source of essential and desirable nutrient density, maca can do anything from treating both male and female fertility, to curing impotence, sex life, depression and eliminating menopause symptoms.

Oh, hot flashes – maca and menopause

Maca and menopause

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Is this familiar to you: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety and depression? Then you are one of millions of other women who experience common symptoms of menopause.

Known as natural women liberator, maca superfood is used as an alternative for hormone replacement therapy. It has been also reviled that it stimulates hormonal glands and reduces psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression and lowers measures of sexual dysfunction.

Maca Menopause

Trying to get pregnant? Maca might help

Maca and Pregnancy

Gift Of Pregnancy.

Getting pregnant can be really stressful, for both men and women. But sometime, little things and small changes can actually boost fertility rather fast.

This root has the ability to affect key hormones in both women and men, thus acting as a tonic for the entire hormone system. Many got pregnant when using all – natural organic maca, a highly unique and ultra-potent vegetable food. This powerful, safe and effective root is often recommended by Peruvian physicians as natural remedy to stop long and frustrating battle with infertility.

Fertility Friendly Maca

For hot lovers – Does maca work?

Maca and libido

Stop feeling lack of passion.

Known as a “Peruvian ginseng” and “Peru’s natural Viagra”, maca holds a complete arsenal of nutrients to be effective aphrodisiac and libido booster.

This ancient secret root has been consumed to improve sexual drives in both men and women. The secret that maca hold is not only in nutrition, it is beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. This is a true breath of fresh air, especially if you are ready to stop from feeling embarrassing, and less of a man or a woman.

Maca and Libido

Bigger, faster, stronger in sports

Maca and Sports

Get that boost naturally.

Looking after nutrition for peak performance? How about to increase energy stamina and endurance? Extremely rich source of nutrition and sterols present in maca, might be your genuine solution.

Based on maca reviews this food is used by bodybuilders and to increase endurance in athletes. In a research, this plant was given to eight trained male cyclists to investigate the effect of maca supplementation on endurance performance. The results showed that the root extract improved 40 km cycling time trial performance in athletes, significantly.

Maca and Sport

What you should know before buying maca

Maca and Vitality

Vitality from maca.

When buying popular herbal alternative medicines like maca superfood products, you should know more about the origin, how and where it is processed, where to buy quality products and how to get most benefits.

This unique maca superfood is exported to different parts of the world usually in its powdered form. This is the cheapest, most natural and potent product that helps improve general well being. Buying this food supplement from the health food shop may get expensive. Based on many maca reviews, the best place to buy this supplement is online, with a different price and quality options.

Buying Maca Products

What Is Maca Good For?

In ancient time maca was given to animals to increase fertility, to women, men and especially to warriors, to easy their tension, to boost their energy levels, but mainly for strength and endurance before going to battle. Today maca is still used in Peru as a root vegetable and as a medicine. As a medicine Peruvians are using maca to balance hormones, enhance strength, fertility and to rejuvenate love life (to put more fire into their sex life). As a food, maca is eaten as: porridge, roasted, coffee, jam or it is made into beer.

Does Maca Work?

Why people buy maca?

Maca contains a valuable amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and up to twenty essential fatty acids. According to different tests and researches, maca alkaloids, steroids, glucosinolates and macamides (alkaloids macaenes and macamides found so far only in maca root), are probably responsible for its ability to act as a fertility enhancer, aphrodisiac, immunostimulant, anabolic and to influence hormonal balance.

Its structure and extraordinarily great amount of valuable nutrients is believed to be a main reason why maca works and why is maca such a great benefit not only to entire endocrine system but to the entire body and overall well being.

This super food also has one additional adaptogenic substance, which makes maca even more powerful. Meaning, maca works on the body according to its needs, (again, it has the same positive affects in both women and men).

As natural stimulant (no harm, no caffeine) and as an alternative to artificial stimulants, maca is accepted with enjoyment among men and women.

Lepidium Meyenii

Lepidium Meyenii or Maca is a starch plant–belonging to the brassica family. This cruciferous Maca root from the Andes of Peru has one of the highest frost tolerances among other native cultivated plants, since it is able to grow where only alpine grasses and bitter potatoes thrive.

The species in the Brassicaceae are classified in three large cosmopolitan sections – Dileptium, Monoploca and Lepidium. The genus Lepidum belongs to tribe Lepidieae and section Monoploca of the Brassicaceae family.

Even though it is not much known about the time of Lepidium species origin, it is thought that the Lepidum genus originates in the Mediterranean basin. The Lepidum species grow at high-altitude habitats, between 3500 m – 4500 m.

Maca is an Andean crop and it belongs to Lepidium species. It is believed that maca was domesticated in Junin (the largest cultivated area), more than thousand years ago.

Lepidium Meyenii Walp also known as Lepidium Peruvianum is a rosette of frilly leaves with an enlarged fleshy underground hypocotyl. At the end of the growth the plant forms an organ similar to a turnip which is the product of Maca. The hypocotyls can have a variety of colors from purple to cream and yellow.

Good to know: Fresh Maca contain 80% water. Dry Maca contains: 59% carbohydrates, 10.2% proteins, 8.5% fiber, 2.2% lipid, large amount of essential amino acids, Fe, Ca (higher levels than the white potato), Alkaloids, Fatty acids, of which linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids are the most important. Rich in nutritional content, this root is a natural hormonal balancer which provides health benefits for both, men and women.

Maca Root Usage

Maca root which is used in Peru as a natural source of energy, vitality, fertility and for sexual dysfunction in both men and women has become a choice number one among men and women around the globe with a good reason.

Rich in essential nutrients, maca is consider as a youth – enhancing food ideal for people who feel exhausted and out of balance, overstressed and especially for people who need a bit more spark in their life.

Why is Maca good for men and women?

Usually when you are stressed mentally or physically you do not feel good because your adrenal glands start producing the stress hormones (cortisol). If not taken care of your stress hormones on time, cortisol increase will start affecting your hormones how you feel, your energy level will decrease, your sleep will be affected, your problems with sexual function will appear, frigidity, andropause and so on. This means that your endocrine system and adrenals cry for help and something need to be done.

There are few reasons why maca root helps you (both men and women) feel and look younger again, have more energy, become less stressful, easy your tension, enhance your libido and make you more sexually active.

First, maca is a real natural stock of nutrients making it one of the most valuable healthy food. Being rich in iodine and essential amino acids, maca is an excellent immune system booster, rejuvenator of the entire endocrine system thus, encourages your body to produce its own natural hormones. This is one of many other reasons why maca root is so much popular especially among the menopausal women where, maca helps reduce hot flashes, and act as a natural HRT alternative (maca balances hormones).

Secondly, besides being best natural nutritional food, maca is an adaptogen, nontoxic and totally harmless to the body. This would mean that maca increases the body’s resistance to stress and strengthens, normalizes and balances any area of the body affected due to stress or a disease. So, as an adaptogen, maca root helps your body:

When affected by aging changes, when feeling old, or when under stress, when experience lack of energy or low libido rebuilding emotional state, balancing hormones, and entire endocrine system especially adrenal glands is a must.

For men or women who are older than they look maca is a great choice if they want to experience an amazing uplift, boost their energy levels and dramatically change their mental state, because maca has an unique power to beat the stress, ease your tension and directly affect the entire body and mind.

As interest in maca continued to grow this root caught attention by many health practitioners. Science is among those who are curious about maca root and its benefits. Thus, this superfood has been analyzed where it has been found that two novel compounds in maca, the macamides and macaenes have a significant effects on maca ability to enhance sexual function, boost libido, and improve overall health.

As a result many practicioners in Peru and around the world are now incorporating maca in their practice and recommending this plant for both and men and women.

Different types of the maca root

There are different types of maca, with different colors ranging from white to black. Most commonly used are yellow, black and red maca. Names such as: la maca, maca-maca, maca andina, maca peruana, lepidium meyenii, maino, ayak chichira are used in different parts of Peru, Spain and other parts of the world, but they all refer to one and only one plant, maca root.

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