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Maca is high altitude packed source of nutrition

Maca Roots

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Maca root is Peru’s national secret to be more vital, increase fertility, boost libido and to balance hormones.

High altitude packed with nutrients and minerals, maca is an excellent food and dietary supplement.

The root contains alkaloids not found
on any other plant so far. This is
why maca makes us buzz better
- in natural, sustainable way.

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Maca helps you to improve your mood, hormonal balance and it is a rich source of essential nutrients.

Maca root can help

  • To energize you
  • Treating both male and female fertility
  • Improve sex life
  • To get more stamina in sports
  • Easing Depression
  • Eliminating menopause symptoms

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Maca Recipes

Maca’s unique nutty, earthly taste is excellent for exploring new flavours in your favorite old and new food recipes.


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  • Maca and Damiana
  • Maca coffee
  • Maca tea


As we speak more and more research is done on Maca. What we can tell already for sure is that Maca does work and has influence on our body in beneficial way.


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How to Use Maca?

Lepidium Peruvianum root was continued to be used by Peruvians as food, for its medicinal purposes to this day and as an important source of nutrition (maca has the highest nutritional value of any food grown in high altitude. In culinary purposes maca has been prepared as porridge, pudding, coffee or jam, baked or roasted (maca recipes). As a medicine maca is consumed to treat PMS, menopause, to enhance memory, increase energy and as stamina builder.

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For hundreds of years maca reputation for enhancing strength, fertility and sexual desire has been well known to people from Peru!

It is believed that this root began to be domesticated as early as 1600 BC by Andean people. When taking herds higher in altitudes where maca grew, native Andean people noticed their herds became stronger and more fertile. When introduced to ordinary people they soon become aware of increased (their own) stamina and energy.

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Nutritional - Good to know

Fresh Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) contain 80% water.

Dry Maca contains:

  • 59% carbohydrates
  • 10.2% proteins
  • 8.5% fiber
  • Large amount of essential amino acids
  • Fe, Ca (higher levels than the white potato)
  • Alkaloids
  • Fatty acids, of which linoleic, palmitic and oleic acids are the most important
  • 2.2% lipid

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Based on different studies maca not only helps you improve your mood and hormones. This root has the ability to affect key hormones in both women and men, thus acting as a tonic for the entire hormone system. this root is a natural hormonal balancer which provides health benefits for both, men and women. First, maca is a real natural stock of nutrients making it one of the most valuable healthy food. Being rich in iodine and essential amino acids, maca is an excellent immune system booster, rejuvenator of the entire endocrine system thus, encourages your body to produce its own natural hormones. This is one of many other reasons why maca root is so much popular especially among the menopausal women where, maca helps reduce hot flashes, and act as a natural HRT alternative (maca balances hormones).

What, Adaptogen?

Besides being great endocrine system balancer, maca also works on hypothalamus (sex-hormone center of the brain) and it has adaptogen properties, meaning it has the ability to balance the body’s nervous system, glandular-hormonal system and cardiovascular system.

Black, Red And Yellow Maca

Maca comes with different kind of colors and they all are similar, and also different.