Maca Root is high altitude packed nutrition

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Maca root is Peru’s national secret to be more vital, increase fertility, boost libido and to balance hormones.

High altitude packed with nutrients and minerals, maca is an excellent food and dietary supplement.

The root contains alkaloids not found
in any other plant so far. This is
why maca makes us buzz better
- in a more natural and sustainable way.

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Maca Root for Women

Lepidium Peruvianum root was continued to be used by Peruvians as food, for its medicinal purposes to this day and as an important source of nutrition (maca has the highest nutritional value of any food grown in high altitude).

In culinary purposes maca has been prepared as porridge, pudding, coffee or jam, baked or roasted. As a medicine maca is consumed to treat PMS, menopause, to enhance memory, increase energy and as stamina builder.

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Maca for Men

For hundreds of years maca reputation for enhancing strength, fertility and sexual desire has been well known to people from Peru!

It is believed that this root began to be domesticated as early as 1600 BC by Andean people. When taking herds higher in altitudes where maca grew, native Andean people noticed their herds became stronger and more fertile. When introduced to ordinary people they soon become aware of increased (their own) stamina and energy.

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