Maca Benefits – What is maca good for?

Maca Root - Benefits & Side Effects

Well-nourished and balanced body keeps your energies up and healthy. In order to keep body well nourished a variety of healthy foods and supplements are needed.

Maca is just a one food / root believed to be a unique nutritional stock of vitamins and minerals, which will help nourish your body, stabilize your hormone irregularities, improve your mental abilities and boost your sexual performance.

Maca is all-natural nutrient rich food, not a pill, yet it has so many healthy properties. Maca benefits can make people only feel and look better.

In clinical trials it was also shown that maca has positive effects on your mood, it can decrease anxiety, improve sperm production.

As far as athletes, they find this root safe, beneficial and effective to use especially as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

Traditional usage and benefits

Traditionally maca has been used by Peruvians as a main food and as a main source of essential nutrients. However, as already mentioned, there are other maca benefits when consumed on regular basis. Most commonly this root is known as:

What makes this plant different and uniquely valuable is that this root is an adaptogen. As an adaptogen, maca nourishes and calms the nerves, aids in digestion and it supports the adrenal glands. Additionally, as maca does not contain itself hormones it actually provides a particular set of nutrients that directly affect the endocrine system and help the adrenal glands to produce necessary hormones according to individual needs, in both men and women.