Maca For Acne

It has not been proven and or shown in any studies that maca is to blame for acne explosion, or that maca is responsible for acne cure.
Maca is a food, used for a really long time by people in Peru and there has not been any kind of reports which shows that maca can actually make someone’s face look worse or better from acne.

But, there is certainly different kind of reports and claims found on the Internet related to maca and acne.

To some maca does help to cure acne and to some, it does not.

Reasons to that are almost simple.

You are different from your friend and your friend is different from a third person. Each has a different way of living, different diet, different physical and or mental daily habits, each taking a different kind of supplements and or medications. You get the point.

It is a fact. Maca does improve overall well being (it has already improved health in both men and women for centuries). It puts your entire endocrine system into balance, your hormones and so on ( for more on maca benefits see maca effects ). However, whether or not you will have more or less acne when using maca will depend mainly on you, your lifestyle and maca type you buy.

If you really want to find out what kind of effect maca has on your acne: avoid using sugar, coffee, alcohol and starch, exercise daily (sweating and perspiring is good for your skin), reduce animal products intake and avoid cosmetics rich in chemicals. These are anyways basic healthy habits for making your skin look radiant and acne free.

So if possible when planning to take maca, do make sure you do follow the basics. Also, reduce your supplement intake (check what nutrients maca has, no need for duplicates) for a while and make sure that medication you take (if you take any medicines) can be combined with maca (ask a doctor if needed).

Maca Powder for Acne

Another important factor to have in mind when buying maca is the gelatinization. Raw maca may not be good for you especially if you do not tolerate starch. If that is the fact, buy gelatinized maca, it is easy to digest and benefits are the same.

One speculation is that when people with a lot of toxins in their body start to use healthy food, the body starts to dump waste out, often through the skin. So, it could be possible (not proven) that due to detoxification or cleansing process one get acne for a short period of time or until the body has dumped all the waste out.

One way to find out whether or not maca helps clear acne (or it does not) is to buy your maca and try it yourself.

VERY IMPORTANT: Maca is a good and healthy food but still, start with a small dosage. You can easily work your way up from there. So, be patient, before drawing any conclusions.