Maca and Libido

The Truth about Maca Libido for Men & Women

Sex is the inborn factor found in every living organism on this planet. With no exception, animals, insects, plants all enjoy sexual pleasures, one way or another. We humans are also part of that “healthy sexy world”. However, at some point in our life we do experience lack of libido. This applies to both, men and women.

Herbal plants can be very effective in helping both men and women regain and strengthen their sexual drive and vitality.

This is done by nourishing body and helping the body naturally change chemical imbalances.

It has been reported in many cases that when using every day maca both man and woman become much more sexually active!

Lack of sexual activity

Mostly, reasons to lack sexual activity is due to unbalanced hormonal levels. This would mean there is little or too much of either testosterone (in men) or estrogen (in women) hormone. When out of balance, our body produces chemicals which directly affect our hormones and our system in general, especially our mental state and physical abilities.

To some sexual drive goes down due to increased stress hormone, to some due to unbalanced life style and to some due to aging process. So, while men report decrease in erection or premature ejaculation, women experience vaginal dryness, lack of sexual desire and so on.

Regulating essential hormones is really important if a better, stronger, longer-lasting sex life is to be experienced regardless of what age men or women is. As the buzz about low libido is increasing, more research worldwide is done in order to help men and women get back sex drive and enjoy sexual experience.

This ancient super food maca is known by Peruvians as a potent aphrodisiac. Reason to this can be easily explained. Maca has an amazing nutritional value: large amount of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. In addition, maca contains minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium Iron, Zinc and Phosphorous and four essential alkaloids. Being very rich nutritional food, maca can help you nourish your body and strengthen the entire endocrine system. Your energy levels will be regulated, metabolism improved and you depression is easier to overcome.

Maca is most effective when it comes to normalizing the body’s natural hormone levels, thus boosting libido in men and women.

Women libido

According to research studies around 43% of women complain of low libido. Reported sensations are different and while some women have a very low sexual drive other women are having problems of getting aroused or difficulties to reach orgasm.

Reasons to that can be both or either, psychological and physical. Just a few to name: stress and overwork, smoking, drug abuse, drinking, medical conditions including medications, menopause, depression, hormonal imbalance (sometimes a cause after child birth), low self-esteem or an abuse.

To bring back female sexual energy naturally, it is important to target those specific  libido influences. First, it is always good to visit a physician or a gynecologist. Visiting a doctor can help to understand what happens to the female or male body during sexual moments. Second, nourishing your body will diminish at least half of your dilemmas. When body is well nourished, mood changes, libido rises, and overall body starts to feel better.

In women, maca improves significantly sex drive. This is possible because maca has two novel compounds macamides and macaenes which are sex and energy enhancers. Furthermore, sterols found in this root are thought to be agents of sex desire. Clinical study results show that this root:

  • Regulates ovarian function in women.
  • Regulates the organs of internal secretion, such as the pituitary, the adrenal glands, etc.
  • Supports and takes care of the entire endocrine system.

The reason, why maca is especially good for women, is: it does not contain hormones itself (rather it supports the glands to produce necessary hormones), it is non-addictive and re-establishes hormonal balance in women. All this helps restore natural sex drive.

In a nutshell: Maca brings back sexual energy to women, improves the endocrine system and acts as a tonic for balancing hormones, all these according to individual needs (maca is an adaptogen).

Men & Libido

Also, there are different reasons why men experience low libido. One reason is the key hormone testosterone level drops (hormonal imbalance), nitric oxide levels decline, increased stress levels some caused by excessive drinking, some due to smoking, over eating and not exercising. The list is long. Mostly, reasons to lack sexual activity is due to unbalanced hormonal levels. This would mean there is little or too much of mainly testosterone hormone.

To some sexual drive goes down due to increased stress hormone, to some due to unbalanced life style and to some due to aging process. As a result men report decrease in erection or premature ejaculation, lack of sexual desire and so on.

In vivo studies it was revealed that the maca extract promotes libido, sexual potency and increased frequency of sex. Individuals who consumed maca also got sexual results, thus normalizing steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone and estrogen (In a research, men aged 21-56 years received maca for eight weeks in order to observe changes in sexual desire. Treatment with maca improved sexual desire).

If men have too much estrogen in their bodies, they can suffer from erectile dysfunction or absent libido. Maca is adaptogenic, therefore it responds to the needs of the body into which it is absorbed according to the age and gender of an individual. When taking this root, male libido will increase as well as their sperm count.