Maca Dosage – How Much Maca Should I Take?

Peruvian Maca Root Dosage

Maca Root Dosage

When we started to sprinkle maca to our morning smoothies over 10 years ago, it was very unclear what is an ideal maca dosage per day. We wanted to find personal and economical (quality maca products come with a price!) dosing sweet point, where maca is still delivering the desired effects.

This is what we have found out.

Effective raw maca powder dosage starts from 1,500 mg – 3,000 mg per day and the same minimum dosing amount applies to regular maca capsules. Below that dosage, you cannot seriously expect to reap clear health benefits from using maca.

For more condensed maca products, such as condensed maca powder, tinctures, and drops, always follow the instructions that come with the product. Each producer has a slightly different strength and the method of concentration, so follow their guidelines.

If you are using a reputable, high-quality product and maca does not seem to work for you, it is highly possible that you are dosing it wrong.

Maca dosing basics

Righ maca dosing for you depends on your weight, age, physical status, activity, aims and your individual response to the used maca product.

The minimum dosage

All research seems to support the fact that maca dosing (as bulk maca powder) below 1,500 mg per day is not really useful for anything else than bringing some lovely flavor to your culinary life.

We do use maca for flavor, but to get health benefits from maca root, regular and correct maca dosing is essential.

Let’s go now to explore the wonderful world of maca dosing. This basic dosing strategy is for maca powder, where maca root is dried and ground to powder. Later on this page, there is discussion also about dosing for different maca products.

How often should I take maca?

To get health benefits from maca the dosing you should take maca every day systematically over an extended period of time (weeks).

How many grams should I take per day?

General gram amount for people with all sizes and shapes is not the most accurate measurement for maca dosing, but this is the usual way supplement industry is looking into the dosing.

Our recommendation is to start from 1,500 mg maca powder per day and to see how you feel and adjust your dosing from there. Highly sensitive people may need less than 1,500 mg, and other people will start to reap first benefits from maca when dosing goes above 10 g per day.

The final dose for your personal purposes may end up being anything from 1,500 mg to 20,000 mg (1.5-20g) maca powder per day depending on your aims and your individual reaction with the particular maca root product you are using.

More about the general gram per day dosing

How is it possible that the products usually have the same recommendation for all adults?

Supplements usually come with ‘one size fits all’ dosing idea and that, of course, cannot be entirely accurate for all different body types and sizes.

The weight for a person used in pill and capsule package recommendations seems to be around 160 lbs (~73 kg), depending on the manufacturer.

In case you are around 160 lbs (or 73 kg), you are very close to the golden medium, and most natural supplement recommendations are counted just for your weight. If you are around 160 lbs weight, congratulations on being the perfect match for supplement dosing and packaging industry!

But, many of us are not 160 lbs or even nearby…

Should I adjust daily recommendation for my weight?

Yes, you can adjust the daily dosage based on your weight. You can get more personally fitting dosing by increasing recommended maca amount if you are above 160 lbs, and taking less if you are below 160lbs.

Here are some adjustment examples:

Let’s assume in this example that a product has a recommendation of 1.5 g per day. The adjusted dosing would be:

A smaller person weighing 120 lbs (~54 kg) -> Adjusted dosing would be 1.1g per day
Medium person 160lbs (~73 kg) -> No need to adjust. Dosing is counted just for you and will be 1.5g per day
A larger person weighing 260 lbs (~118 kg) -> 2.4 g per day

Also, if you want to go to the nitty-gritty of maca dosing per your actual body weight, also read the next chapter about weight-based dosing.

So, let’s start to look into dosing per bodyweight.

Grams per bodyweight

Weight-based dosing seems to be the most accurate for optimizing the maca dosing, and nearly all laboratory tests are using weight-based dosing method.

The minimum recommended daily dosing would be thus 0.02 g / kg, or 0.009 g / lbs.

Calculation example

So, let’s say that your weight is 200lbs, the minimum daily dosing would be:
0.009 g * 200 (lbs) = 1.8g per day.

How much maca is that in teaspoons or tablespoons?

A teaspoon may be an entirely useless device in dosing maca powder. We recommend getting in the habit of dosing maca to your daily meals with a tablespoon.

One tablespoon of maca powder once or twice per day is a good starting point to keep you in dosing levels for maca benefits.

This is practical thumb or rule, but you may end up getting good results with 1-3 tablespoons per day.

For sports purposes, you may benefit from slightly higher doses if your body responses to maca in a significant way.

Should I divide my maca intake to multiple times per day?

Taking maca only once a day is still good for daily boost purposes, but if you are looking for health or condition changes you should get your macanoids at least two times a day.

Ideally, you should take maca 2-3 times during a day to keep your system always on maca. One convenient way to reach the aimed maca dosage is to take 2-3 big 500mg capsules per day.

Many people who are taking maca for performance boosting purposes do not experience any difference between taking maca 1 or 3 times a day, and 2 times a day is most likely as good.

So, if you are not looking to cure anything you can take maca also once a day. You could take 2-3 large capsules every morning or a heaping tablespoon of maca powder, considering that you do not have any issues with maca taste or swallowing large capsules.

Our favorite way is to get a good morning dose of maca powder in the morning with your smoothie.

Timing during the day – when should I take maca?

There does not seem to be any particular best timing when taking maca daily. Best is to match your maca intake with your daily rhythm to create a sustainable daily habit.

If you are in the habit of morning smoothie or maca drink, this timing will give you a tremendous and nutrition-rich start for your day. This is the way we take maca, and we feel that it provides a great start to a great day.

Can I take maca during evening or night?

Yes, but some people experience a slight energy rush with each maca intake, and this can affect sleep onset. In case your body responds this way to maca, then take maca in the evening well before going to sleep or then a good dose only during mornings.

Sometimes we pop an additional maca capsule in the evening, but that is not as important to us than the morning maca moment before hitting the busy day of work.

Maca root and ketogenic diet

If you are strictly following a low-carb diet, such as ketogenic diet, even few scoops of maca powder can make you slip out from ketosis. You may want to consider maca tinctures or other forms of maca to support your ketogenic diet in the best possible way. With concentrated forms of maca always follow the dosing recommendation as a starting point.

If you are only in partial ketosis practice, such as intermittent fasting, you may want to keep your morning ketosis as long as possible and intake your maca on afternoons or evenings only – the same time with other food eating time.

Dosing of different maca products

Gelatinized and maca raw powers

Powder – How many teaspoons or tablespoons should I take raw maca powder per day?

Maca powder basic minimum dosing equals with 1-3 teaspoons 2-3 times a day.

We rather use a tablespoon as a measurement. One tablespoon of maca equals about 3 tablespoons. So, 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day is a good starting point.

We personally have simplified our intake to one heap tablespoon dose in the morning, and then complementary tablespoon later afternoon.

Capsules and tablets

Maca capsules are usually maca powder in a capsule.

Most companies put maca powder in capsules that are 500mg. These capsules are recommended to be taken 3-6 times per day.

There are concentrated maca powder capsules, and their small capsule size can surprise you, but they have the boosted effect like larger capsules.

With more condensed products of maca such as maca tinctures, always follow the instructions – each of these items has different concentration.

Gelatinized maca dosage

Gelatinized maca is slightly more concentrated that unprocessed maca powder due to gelatinization process. Same time, some of the nutrients slightly may have reduced from gelatinized maca.

Because in gelatinization you may gain some compounds in more concentrated amounts and same time lose some nutrients. Because of this, we recommend nearly the same dosing as in powder.

Technically, you could pinch slightly some off when using gelatinized maca, compared to raw maca powder, but we are usually just chomping the same one heap tablespoon to our morning smoothie.

Tincture and maca root extract dosage

With maca root extracts it is crucial that you use producers recommendation as the starting point for taking the supplement.

Supplement producers count the recommendation for each product type to be equivalent to the effective dosing threshold – as with other product types.

Use the recommendation in your product packaging as a starting point and increase or reduce your maca intake in small increments over a period of several days if needed.

And when we say small increments, we mean it. With concentrated forms of maca, it is easier to make dosing mistakes. These mistakes are not hazardous to your health, but it is too easy to burn your expensive concentrated supplement in a few days, instead of following guidelines and making it last longer.

Maca root dosage for different causes

Your aims for maca dosing can also depend on your goals and what you wish to align, address or support with your maca intake.

Here are our recommendations for different situations.

Male fertility

When dealing with male infertility issues the daily dose is essential. You also may want into maca products that are made from a selection of darker tones of maca roots, such as black maca.

Female fertility or infertility

Regular usage of the effective dose for a more extended period of time is the key (weeks, months) is the key.

Breast or bum enlargement

Hmm, we are not sure really what to say about this topic…

You may benefit from regular maca usage for your figures, but do not expect an overnight physical metamorphosis just by intaking maca products.

Due to maca’s positive effect on hormones, your breasts may feel fuller, and you may feel more positive and happier in your hip area.

To feel the boost in your booty, you would need to take maca regularly. Be sure to match the minimum maca powder requirement of 1,500 mg per day, and get to the gym to shake it too!

A good starting point would be to have a heaping spoonful (or two) of maca every morning with great unprocessed foods that will make you feel fresh, happy and energized.

Dosage for osteoporosis

Since maca comes with a right amount of calcium and has the hormone balancing effect it is a good idea to add maca to your diet.

The maca’s cumulative effects are very much desired in this case, and with calcium deficiency, you can dose slightly more than the recommended dose to fill and support the daily calcium intake aim.

Always consult your doctor about maca intake with any medical condition.

Dosage for acne

Maca can temporarily even worsen your acne when you start to take it. So, it is essential that you first read what we wrote about maca and acne here.

The recommended the minimum effective dose is a good starting point when taking maca for acne.

Maca dosage forĀ ED

Surprisingly maca dosing for erectile dysfunction does not have to be larger than the daily recommended dose, but more important is to get the regular daily maca dose.

Weight loss

Maca has a lot of energy and carbohydrates.

If you want to lose weight by avoiding calories from carbohydrates, you may want to use some more concentrated form of maca that does not contain so many carbs.

Also, if you are aiming to lose weight, fit the maca intake to the timing that fits most your calory intake daily routine, for example, mix maca with other healthy nutrients.

Weight gain

In weight gain generally, it is a good idea to take good nutritional food minimum 3 times a day.

If you are seriously looking into gaining weight, we recommend you to look into cooking with maca, since there is some evidence (source) that it will be a great way to generally boost growth and well being – and to add taste to your cooking!

We recommend adding one tablespoon after each healthy meal in the form of a tasty dessert (see recipes and tips here), snack smoothie or as enjoyable maca drink.

You can also increase your calory intake with healthy snacks or fresh smoothies during the day. Energy bars are a tasty snack for a busy life when you aim to gain some weight. With added maca, you will get nutrients, calories and the active maca compounds that will help you to balance your hormones and energy levels.

For energy

Maca, combined with good fresh food is a great way to bring energy to your busy life. We recommend morning maca dose, for example, heap tablespoon to your morning smoothie.

For female libido

Regular dosage, every day over a more extended period of time (weeks).

Fore male libido

Regular dosage, every day, over a longer period of time (weeks)

+ And additional good big dose about 1 hour before the aimed sexual act.

Dosage for sports and bodybuilding

Maca dosage for athletes is entirely different beast due to the amount of energy that athletes burn.

Due to its antifatigue effect (source and source) maca root has found its way to supplements specially designed for bodybuilders and athletes.

It is not a surprise that you can see distant runners popping a large spoon of maca powder to their running mix hour or two before the performance or intensive practice.

After practice intake may also have desired effects on supporting natural recovery and can be especially beneficial when doing weight or high-intensity practice.

Maca dosing during pregnancy

Traditionally Peruvian women have been using maca during the pregnancy and breastfeeding as usual food intake in most natural form. There is also support supporting the idea that maca is also well received and tolerated during pregnancy and nursing, but be always on the safe side and consult your doctor.

Medical conditions that have contraindications to maca dosing

These are the most common conditions where you need to be careful with maca dosage and maca intake generally:

– Cancer generally (especially prostate and breast cancer)
– Prostate cancer or high PSA levels
– Thyroid issues/hypothyroidism
– High blood pressure

If you have any of the conditions above, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FOR MACA INTAKE!

How much maca has the aphrodisiac effect?

When using maca root as an aphrodisiac, the one high singular dose is usually taken. There is an only small amount of research done on single event dosing on maca, but some animal tests have shown some promising results.

Maca root aphrodisiac dosage is 10-14 grams of maca powder one hour before planned erotic activity.

We have written the whole manual of [maca as a possible aphrodisiac here].

How long does it take to maca root to work? How long will it take to notice maca effects?

It will take a few days to a week or two to notice maca effects.

Some people will need to take maca a bit longer, and it may take a week or two before they start feeling any kind of improvements, while some people may get instant kicks. Usually, already in the first weeks of taking maca daily, it will show improvement in your mood, and your energy levels will start to increase.

Many people report being more focused when consuming maca root and they were able to perform mental and physical tasks with more efficiency already after the first week.

How to find optimal dosage for me?

The perfect dosing for you is found only by testing the product over a longer period of time. Start with the recommended minimum dosage and see few days how your body is responding to the product.

Increase or decrease the dosage after a few days to find your personal sweet spot.

What is a safe dosage? Is it possible to overdose maca products?

Maca is used as food in Peru highlands, and it is as safe to use even more massive quantities. For a healthy person with usual food intake, even you would eat only maca root, there is no danger of overdosing.

In one research they fed to test animals quite an amount of maca each day, and no issues were detected (source).

The high dose here would be for average human weighing 75 kg about 375g of maca daily or 825g of raw maca powder.

Some people report maca being their game changer in their well being, but only when taken 10-16 grams per day.

You can experiment with higher doses and if you notice remarkable changes in your well being with higher doses, it may be worthy of investment and spending more on maca consumption.

h3. But, how much is too much?

Maca is a safe, non-toxic and non-addictive way to boost your overall well being and it is great to be generous with the amounts you take maca, but sometimes too much is just not practical.

Maca’s health benefits start already with quite a low dosing. Consuming more than 100 g maca per day does not seem to bring an accumulation of health benefits with it. You are already getting the good stuff and benefits with lower dosing, so there is no reason to overdose.

Eating maca as food is not harmful either, but unless you own a maca field, it might not be practical and affordable to consume that much maca products.

One side effect of unnecessary maca consumption is attacking your wallet. Maca products are quite pricey in these days, and it will make a big difference how long 8oz bag of maca powder will last if you if you take one moderate tablespoon maca per day vs. taking 10 heap tablespoons per day.

I would rather optimize the maca consumption to the level where you get benefits and still can maintain the regular intake over a longer period of time. All maca’s long-term health benefits seem to relate more to regular intake instead of single big doses occasionally.

Maca dosage and side effects

Maca side effects are not usually connected with dosing, but how your body is reacting to the maca product. Even there is no toxicity with maca, some people do experience slight side effects and you can read all about maca side effects here.

You may find that different products and product types fit better to your body.

One common observation with maca newbies is that maca is often experienced first as stimulating and can disturb sleep.

Maca root best dosage tips

Even though maca is food, it is good practice to follow the instructions stated on the package, especially when taking this root as a supplement and for the first time. You may want to find out how your body will react to maca before starting to adjust the dosing.

Maca in powder form can be taken at first in small amounts (to adjust to a new taste) and then slowly increase the intake amount according to the instructions. In the beginning, one tablespoon of powdered maca every morning is an excellent start.

You can mix maca powder with your favorite juice or blend it with your favorite fruits and enjoy your healthy drink every day. However, maca should not replace other nutritious food; instead, it should be combined with other beautiful and natural products your body needs to remain active and healthy.