Maca Dosage – How Much Maca Should I Take?

According to recent studies maca does not have toxicity effects, it is non-addictive and it has no caffeine. Maca is food. The more maca food you consume, the more benefit you are likely to get.

Even though maca is a food, it is good to follow the instructions stated on the package, especially when taking this root as a supplement and for the first time (you need to find out how your body will react to maca).

The amount stated on the label is an optimal daily dose. Usually, a capsule will contain 500 mg of dried maca.

Maca in powder form can be taken at first in small amounts (to adjust to a new taste) and then slowly increase the amount according to the instructions. In the beginning, one tablespoon of powdered maca every morning is an excellent start. You can mix maca powder with your favourite juice or blend it with your favourite fruits and enjoy your healthy drink every day. However, maca should not replace other nutritious food; rather it should be combined with other beautiful and natural products your body needs to remain strong and healthy.

On the market, you can also find Pure Maca Powder, the concentrated extract of maca which can be consumed 1-3 teaspoons a day with your favourite smoothie or juice.

Recommended maca capsules dosage is usually two Maca Capsules a day (app. 500 mg per capsule). Again, it is smart to start with the recommended dosage and then increase the amount if in alignment with your body needs. Some people increase the intake up to 2000 mg a day.

Perhaps maca is a safe and non-addictive way to boost your overall well being, it is good to be generous with the amounts you take and to avoid maca side effects.

Concentrated Maca can be taken daily for years if followed instructions on the package.

Please note: Men with a history of prostate cancer or a high PSA level (PSA-prostate specific antigen, a test used to measure PSA in the blood and monitor prostate cancer), and women with a history of any hormone and or breast-related cancer, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FOR MACA INTAKE!

How long will it take to notice effects?

It really all depends when the first effects will be noticed as each person is different and giving a precise number of days is not easy. According to medical research significant difference is experienced after just a few days.

“It differs from person to person how long it will take to notice maca effects.”

Some people will need to take maca a bit longer, and it may take perhaps a week before they start feeling any kind of improvements, while some people may get instant kicks. One fact is for sure: already in first weeks of taking maca daily, it will definitely show results in your mood and your energy will increase. Most people when consuming this root felt more focused and they were able to perform mental and physical tasks much more efficiently already in the first week.

If you are a first-time maca user, start using maca in small amounts and slowly. You can easily adjust dosages later according to your body’s needs. On the other hand, if you are long time maca user, take a break occasionally, not to lose potency.