Maca and Damiana – Who Tried It?

How would you know if you can take some of your favorite supplements together? The absolute safe way is to understand supplements and the way they work.

Maca and Damiana are the two supplement plants which you can take together. But, even though safe to combine and consume together, we all are different, and once you understand the way they work, you might choose to opt in or opt out to mix these two plants. Here are my thoughts on mixing maca and damiana.

To be sure if you can take different supplements together, understand the essentials of each plant and how they work, then decide if you are ready to mix them up. For example, with lack of information, a person will take maca at night. Unless you enjoy the Duracell bunny effect, you might want to avoid taking maca at later hours, or else you’ll end up wandering around all night with tons of energy (unless you need to study all night, then, it is OK to take maca in the evening). When it comes to Damiana, if you have a headache and you take Damiana, it will ease the pain, for sure, but it will also induce sleep. The good thing about this is that if you fall asleep, you will awaken free from a headache and with a healthy appetite for sex. The less good element in taking Damiana is if you take Damiana while at work, you don’t want to fall asleep or feel drowsy. Perhaps something to avoid. :) Getting to know Damiana & Maca:

Damiana  – Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca

Damiana is widely recognized as a plant Aphrodisiaca, which already tells something about this plant. It grows in humid and hot regions in Central America, South America, Texas, Mexico, and Caribbean. It is a relatively small shrub that produces small, aromatic, yellow flowers. Its fruits taste very similar to figs, and its fragrances remind on chamomile.

As it grows in different regions, Damiana is also known as Houx Mexicain, Old Woman’s Broom, Feuille de Damiana, Turnera, Herba de la Pastora, and other names.

Traditionally, damiana is used as an aphrodisiac, to help with sexual problems (in both men and women), to improve depression, constipation, headache.

The part of the plant which contains valuable properties and it is used medicinally today are Damiana’s deep green leaves. Leaves are picked from the plant in late summer and then dried. Once dry, natives are using these in tea, or powdered form, as an aphrodisiac, for impotence, premature ejaculation, vaginal discharge, painful menstruation, urinary infection.

While Damiana is mainly famous for sexual enhancement, in Europe Damiana is used to relieve depression, as a diuretic, to treat constipation and as a mild stimulant. When it comes to valuable substances, Damiana contains in total, 22 flavonoids, fatty acids and caffeine, alkaloids, cyanogenic glycosides, steroids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, carbohydrates, and proteins.

It is a known mood elevator and is commonly used to relieve anxiety, depression, and mental exhaustion (psychological effect in women are more noted in women than men).

Damiana benefits are:

– It is aphrodisiac / sexual stimulant / enhances sexual desire.
– It is antidepressant, calms the nerves, allowing a more relaxed state of mind for lovemaking.
– Used for impotence in men and frigidity in women

– Physiologically damiana increases sperm count in men
– Restores sexual vitality to the body
– It is diuretic
– It helps muscles relax
– Urinary antiseptic
– It is antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties
– It has an antibacterial effect
– Removes anxiety/stress

Please note. Although it is not sure whether damiana is effective in treating any medical condition, it should not be used in place of prescribed medicines.

What is Damiana dosage & where to buy Damiana?

Damiana is available in many forms including powder, capsules, and tincture. We enjoy Damiana taken as a tea because it has a pleasant taste (reminds on chamomile).

It is not clear if FDA approves the supplements available on the market. So, to avoid the possibility of buying supplements contaminated with toxic metals, before purchasing our supplements, we make sure the following is in order:

– Reliable source. We buy Damiana from a reliable source to minimize the risk of contamination. Most of the time we buy our Damiana on Amazon.
Checking reviews. The best assurance for us that a specific product is good is to read reviews, the more reviews, the better and the more reliable product it gets.
Ingredients. It is always good to check what else is inside the pill, capsule or powder, such as are there additives, colors… Ideally, only one item is listed, and in this scenario, it would be Damiana.
– Certified. If all of the above is to our likings and the package has ‘certified’ stamp, bingo, we got the product, which we believe is good for us.

Please note. If you have certain medical conditions, consult your doctor before taking Damiana. Rumors are that Damiana can affect blood sugar levels so if you have diabetes, check with your doctor. If you are reading this and you are taking insulin, please consult your doctor before taking Damiana.

When it comes to dosage, if you do not have any medical condition, always follow the instructions on the label and use it as directed on the package. If you do not feel any significant changes at first, there is no need to use more of the product that is recommended. Try for a week or two before increasing the dosage. And if you decide to increase the dosage, make sure you consult a health or herbal practical beforehand. It is essential first to try one herbal supplement at the time and follow the body reaction. You want to make sure that your body is in alignment with the herbal properties.

What is the Difference Between Maca and Damiana?

Both plants affect both male and female reproductive system positively.
Both plants are used for treating low libido in both men and women.
Both plants are hormone balancer.

Damiana is an excellent tonic for strengthening the nervous system with benefits for the reproductive organs and the hormonal system. It stimulates the production of the male hormones testosterone. When it comes to women, it is a great hormone balancer, it helps with hot flashes, menopause, and infertility and it is recommended for use when a person has unbalanced nervous anxiety.

Just like Damiana, maca also can impact key hormones in women and men to their advantage (it acts as a tonic for balancing hormones). It can help women counteract difficulties during menopause time, and it has a power to naturally raise and balance estrogen, progesterone & testosterone levels, as well as balances the adrenal glands and the thyroid. As maca helps the body to make sufficient hormones, menopausal symptoms are reduced to its minimum or eliminated. You can read more about maca benefits here: Maca Benefits for Men and Women.

Both Maca and Damiana are very good stimulants and excellent natural aphrodisiacs. Maca, just like Damiana is also a fertility herb and increases sex drive. Damiana is a sexual tonic that “oxygenates genital area.” By combining Maca and Damiana, you will supercharge your libido.

Both Maca and Damiana help both men and women, whether you’d like to improve sexual drive, you’re going through menopause, want to enhance libido, boost adrenal glands, testosterone levels, and so on.

While Damiana’s principal properties are to strengthen the central nervous system, Maca is an adaptogen and highly effective energy booster that provides essential nutrients for physical and mental performance.

Can I Take Maca and Damiana Together?

As the market for wild plants increases and constant research on building muscles, improving stamina, etc., is on the rise, we get bombarded by companies with new supplements, which we get tempted to try. At least we do, my partner and I, at home. While we want to try new supplements, we also do not want to give up on old ones. Soon we have supplement for everything we can imagine, muscles, bones, energy, sex, libido, stamina, nails, hair, thyroid, hormones, and the list is endless. While some supplements and protein powders can be easily mixed and are safe for consumption, others might not be.

We are using both maca and Damiana but not at the same time. For us, Damiana is a high sex drive booster and a mood enhancer. We use Damiana later in the evening, or, sometime in the morning when our brain activity needs some extra boost, as a tea. Some claim that Damiana can even produce mild euphoria. We did not have an experience of such. When it comes to maca, we will use it almost always in a powder form, to boost our energy levels and as a nutritious addition to our daily diet. Maca is loaded with energy-producing, protein-building amino acids that fuel the body, so we use it often in our smoothies and salads, especially when actively training to reinforce our immune system. We did not have any adverse reactions, and we do feel the difference before and after taking these two plants. On the contrary, we feel more energetic, our sex drive is present at all times (no disappointments in that area for both my partner and me), and our physical and mental performance is as desired. Can you take maca and Damiana plants together? Well, it all depends.

– What are you trying to achieve?
– Do you have any medical condition?

If you are after improving your sex drive only, or to increase stimulation and sensitivity in the genital area, try Damiana alone. If you think it works, and you do not have any adverse reactions to the plant, add some maca to it, follow the body reaction. This is valid for both, men and women, whether you want to improve your libido, improve your mood, treat erectile dysfunction, frigidity or menopause symptoms.

Let us know your experience when combining these two plant.