Can You Take Maca and Tribulus Terrestris Together?

There has been quite a buzz and wondering about combining these two herbs and their effects.

While maca, a Peruvian root is known to treat quite many health problems (such as fertility, menopause, sperm count, erection, balance hormones), especially famous to be very effective when it comes to improving sex drive in both men and women, Tribulus is an annual plant commonly used to in Ayurvedic medicine and well known herb to improve sexual performance, energy and stamina. It is believed that the compound called protodioscin found in the herb is the key when it comes to improving sexual desire and most importantly to enhance erection.

The reason, why many speak of combining these two herbs, is because both maca and Tribulus Terrestris (gokshira) are used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual vitality. When combined, the possibilities of improving overall sexual drive becomes even bigger. As a result, some herbalist or natural products produce mix maca root and Tribulus herb.

Even though combining different herbs is a good idea in order to speed up the process of the desired outcome, it is highly advisable to first ask an advice from a knowledgeable person, a herbalist or equivalent. This is very important especially for all those who are using medications or are allergic to some ingredients.