Mix Maca Powder With Your Coffee – Boost Your Morning Cuppa

Moderate amounts of coffee can be a good booster for your busy day. High performance seeking individuals and athletes all over the world have found that adding butter, coconut oil or MCT oil to your coffee can add focus, productivity, sharpness to your thinking and increase your performance.

Like with any caffeinated boost you should be careful not to consume too much coffee, and if you feel that coffee is not for you, you can also try hot maca drink or maca tea.

OK, you have been now warned.

So, here is our extra twist to the butter coffee: add one tablespoon of maca powder to your energy coffee mix.

We prefer to first mix coffee with grass-fed butter (or oil) in a blender. Then add maca and blend a bit more. This way the liquid has cooled down a little bit before you add maca. If you add maca last to your mix, you will be able to avoid boiling temperatures, and this helps to keep all nutrients intact in your maca powder.

So, blend, add maca last, blend once more and enjoy!