Maca Hot Drink Recipe

Maca is a great coffee substitute when you want to reduce your caffeine intake. You can simply mix a big tablespoon full of maca powder with a cup of hot water and enjoy the hot drink.

Maca has sweet, nutty buttery flavor. With a cup of maca hot drink, one can get sufficient amount of energy lasting longer than when using a regular caffeinated cup of coffee. Maca hot drink is caffeine-free healthy boosting warm or cold energy drink.

Best way to prepare maca hot drink is either in a French press coffee maker or Aeropress.  Maca hot drink can be consumed warm or cold with sugar, honey, soya milk or anything one prefer. Maca possesses similar amazing effects like Ginseng, Maca warm dring can refresh the mind and promote the blood circulation.

Say hi to a “smooth” energy boost and say goodbye to a “jerky” bang from your caffeine jolt.

  • A great body warmer during the cold season
  • Without caffeine!