Organic Maca Smoothie & Shake – Hassle Free Recipe

Quick smoothies and shakes are very healthy, nutritionally potent and easy to make. With a good blender, in no time an excellent nutritionally potent healthy energy drink can be prepared, filled with vitamins, minerals, fibres. All you need to do is combine right ingredients according to your current needs and you can create a booster, wake up a drink, energy drink or nutritious drink. Same with maca shake. Blend well all ingredients and have your drink in the morning.

And, if you are most of the time busy, constantly on-the-go, and searching for an easy yet nutritionally rich easy to prepare smoothy, you might enjoy these 7 hassle-free maca smoothy recipes. The organic maca shake will give you plenty of energy!

Twirly Smoothie – Hello, New Day (serves two)

Servings: 2

Equipment: blender

One large banana or two medium size

Five peaches

½ Honey melon

A cup of rice or almond milk

One (full) tablespoon of maca

Preparation: Blend well all ingredients and drink in the morning. It’ll give you plenty of energy!








Honey-Bunney – Booster Shake for Lovers

Maca powder

Vanilla extract



Shocker Muscle Time Smoothie

Love Me Tender Love Me True – Male Booster