Maca Products

Best maca – is there the best?

Yes, there is the best maca!

The best maca is from Peru and it is grown in Peru in Junin area, where there is not waste, polluted water and no chemicals used for producing or processing maca root, at high altitude.

Usually the best maca is grown by Peruvian farmers and it is certified organic. You know the quality of this root and whether or not is the best when you taste it and smell it.

That is why when purchased in powder form, it is a perfect way for you to try out if this root is the best of quality or not.

The color of maca powder should not be too bright (light to dark brown)
The smell is nice and sweet
Taste is a bit strong, rich in flavor malty nutty (you might feel the taste of soil)

Anyhow, good and the best maca product must have both a pleasant sweet smell and strong flavor.

The question is where to buy the best maca from? And that can be rather difficult agenda. Not all maca is produced and processed naturally. Also, some online sellers mix the root powder with other ingredients. So the problem is not only if what you buy is all natural but also whether or not it is mixed with other ingredients.
Where and how to get the best maca online?

To make sure you will get the best maca product online, do a careful selection of maca products, especially when buying online. Find out who is behind the maca package, such as where has been grown, who is the producer.

Ideally on the label should be stated all product details (at least it should state certified-organic), or you should be able to ask from the seller more about the best maca products you are buying.

Amazon website is a good place to look for maca products because of the customer’s reviews and rankings. People do exchange their personal opinions after using maca and they are not shy when it comes rating up or down different maca products. Here is the Amazon link to the most popular Navitas maca product: Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Maca Powder, Incan Superfood, 16-Ounce Pouch

Buy maca

Maca products can be found in a powder form, as extracts, in capsules, tablets or as tinctures. One can also buy delicious maca bars, mixed with other healthy ingredients. The most natural form of maca is dried organic powdered maca easy to prepare and with its strong but nice nutty flavor.

All products can be found online.

Maca powder is a simple raw maca abundant with nutrients, potent and reasonable to buy. Maca powder can be mixed with your favorite juice, soya milk, or with milk shake. If you prefer you can buy maca powder in bulk that way you will use it constantly.
Maca capsule is good to buy if you are too busy for making a morning drink or you are not able to tolerate raw maca taste.
Maca extract active ingredients are more concentrated.

Maca products can be purchased from USA (online shops), Europe (online shops) or Australia (online shops) with the current country currency.