Maca extract

To produce maca product more potent, maca extract is made. The extract is taken from the root by either first drying the roots and grinding them into a fine powder, or boiling the roots to extract the liquid.

In a process of making extract fibre is removed (and other substances) from maca. The all other active ingredients found in maca extract are much more concentrated.
More maca extract, more benefits

Animals fed with MacaPure extract exhibited a significant increase in sexual activity as compared with animals fed with regular food. In animal studies, the more maca animals consumed the stronger and more sexually active they become.

Small clinical trials performed in men and women showed also great sexual results. Men and women with low libido felt a quick boost in sexual desire, and men with erectile problems noticed a remarkable improvement in sexual function.

In addition, in an animal testing, it was analyzed the effect of a lipidic extract from Lepidium meyenii on sexual behaviour. Results show that oral administration of maca extract enhanced the sexual function of the mice and rats, by an increase in the number of complete intromissions and the number of sperm-positive females in normal mice, and a decrease in the LPE (latent period of erection) in male rats with erectile dysfunction. This was the first study to reveal, which is an aphrodisiac activity of Lepidium Meyenii root.

Even though the Lepidium meyenii root is food, it is always good to be reasonable when consuming maca products especially maca extract. Ideally, follow package instruction guidelines and the amounts you should take. If not sure about maca intake, please consult your doctor.

Good to know: Being a good source of natural steroids, maca extract is highly popular among bodybuilders, athletes and weightlifters.