Gelatinized maca

Gelatinization is a process that removes the starch from Maca root. Maca root is first precooked and then dried. Once starch has been broken down, it becomes more concentrated and easier to digest.

Gelatinized maca is suitable for people who are not able to tolerate fibre, or for those who have problems (sensitive) with their intestines. In gelatinized maca products, the fibre is extracted. This way it is easier to digest maca powder, there will not be stomach problems and the benefits are equally same as in raw organic maca powder.

Gelatinized maca powder can be also easily consumed with a favorite juice drink, milkshake. And it is also packed with essential nutrients (minerals, vitamins, alkaloids, amino acids, fatty acids).

Gelatinized Maca is found in capsules (500 mg per capsule). This amount is proven to be very effective especially when it comes to sexual drive. Some research results show significant increase in sexual desire and sperm count in men can double if Maca is used regularly on daily bases.

Pre-cooked gelatinized Maca is easier to digest and equally beneficial as non-gelatinized Maca.

Please note: make sure you know the background and the producer of the gelatinized Maca. There are false gelatinized Maca products.