Maca powder

100% pure maca root powder comes from farmers in Peru where no chemicals or pesticides have been used throughout their cultivation or production process. It is packed with amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins and it is a real stock of valuable nutrients. Maca powder is an ideal product to mix with protein drinks, smoothies, juices or in salads and cereals.

Maca in a powder form can be easily purchased on the internet and nowadays due to its popularity most likely at your nearest health food store. Both options, online or offline have some advantages and disadvantages.

If you buy online you can sometimes easily get a special price deal and you can have more options to look after and read more testimonials from maca users.

On the other hand, if you are buying your maca from your nearest health food shop they may price the product a bit higher, but you can always have a nice talk with a seller about maca root and learn more about what is it you are really buying and how to consume it.This possibility is not always possible online.

When buying maca root in powder form

Ideally, maca product in powder form you are buying should be sun or air dried. Some producers are baking maca before offering it to the market. If maca root is baked in an oven, at high temperatures, the heat can significantly affect the nutritional content of the root.

Two different options of maca powder can be found on the market: (1) organic raw powdered maca and (2) organic gelatinized maca powder. A raw certified organic maca in powder form has no additives and it has a bit earthy or nutty taste.

Benefits with maca powder are almost the same (unlike black maca ) as with other maca products and they include: increased energy levels, increased libido, improved fertility, balanced hormones, reduced hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, increased sexual function and significantly improved potency and sperm count.

Past ten years maca root popularity increased greatly among men and women and researchers and doctors, all around the world. As a result, online market became saturated with maca products, sellers and promoters. This, in turn, became a problem for maca buyers and rather difficult for consumers to decide where to buy maca and whom to trust. When buying maca products, please buy from a certified and knowledgeable online sellers.

Good to know: If you are a first-time maca powder use, start using maca in small amounts and slowly. You can easily adjust dosages later according to your body’s needs. On the other hand, if you are long time maca user, take a break occasionally, not to lose potency.