Raw maca

In Peru, maca root has been consumed for thousands of years as a medicine and as a nutrient-rich food. In Inca time, warriors used maca to gain more power before going into a battle. But not only that, in ancient time this superfood was also given to their livestock to restore the fertility of which often happened in the high altitude. Today maca is used as a medicine for depression, hormonal imbalance, to improve fertility, sexual desire, strength, endurance and as an energy booster.

Raw maca can be safely consumed as any other food, cooked or raw, and if needed in larger amounts, in a longer period of time. However, to keep all of the nutritional benefits intact, and for optimal results, the best is that you buy and eat raw maca in powdered form which has been slow dried and not irradiated.

A Raw certified organic maca powder has no additives; it is packed with essential minerals and vitamins and has a pleasant nutty taste. Nutritionally very rich, maca is an ideal food to include in a raw food diet. For ideal results, it should be eaten on daily basis.

The amount of raw maca to take will differ from person to person, from 1-2 tablespoons a day. Naturally, you want to adjust your raw maca intake according to your needs. So if needed please do increase the amount of raw maca slowly, and if needed decrease the amount. Greater amounts than needed could result in negative maca side effects. On the other hand, with too little of maca intake, it may take longer time for you to have first signs of improvements in your body.

Good to know: You can make maca smoothie (with soya, rice or almond milk), add it to plain yoghurt, applesauce, or just mix it quickly with a juice of your choice.

To revitalize tired body, for balanced nourishment and to improve the overall health, raw organic maca seems to be an ideal alternative for people of all age, both men and women!