Beauty and Cosmetics for Women

Maca root is crossing over from a healthy nutritional food to a beauty category!

Health benefits of maca reached the beauty shops and they spend now more time developing healthy products for your skin too.  Within the beauty category, maca root first emerged in around 2002, in hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Maca root can be found in shops in a men’s cosmetics department, where the Body Shop is a first brand to use maca root as the key active ingredient in body care range for men. This series is especially suitable for men with sensitive skin.

Maca May Be a Good Active Component in Cosmetics

Research results back up the idea of maca protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation and it may be assisting in skin healing.

  • In the Peruvian Central Andes, ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is predominant. So, researchers wanted also to find out if maca extract can protect from UVR radiation. The results were positive and this means that maca extracts protected the skin of rats against UV irradiations and can be suggested as an alternative means of solar protection (source).
  • Red maca extract was shown to have a positive effect on wound healing at high altitude (source).