Maca Bar Recommendations

Maca Bars are a clever way to snack when you are in a hurry and need get healthy calories in. Why not same time get a dose of some of your favorite superfood, maca too?

If I need to pick one maca bar over others at this very moment it will be without no doubt Bearded Brothers Maca Chocolate Energy Bars

Bearded Brothers Maca Chocolate Bar

Bearded Brother maca bars are made of Mexican cocoa, raw cacao nibs, and maca powder. And what is the best, they are not trying to hide the maca taste but instead blend it with chocolate and cocoa flavors – and the nailed it! Some definitely do not like the nutty twisted flavor of maca, but in this bar, it is in just pure organic harmony with other flavors. I would say that Bearded Bros got it their blend of good and healthy stuff right on this one. And it is vegan and paleo and non-GMO and all nice things.

Other recommended maca bars

Navitas Organics Maca Maple Snack Bar


Maca Bar-Navitas

Shanti Bar

Shanti Maca Bar

Righteously Raw Maca Bars


Righteously Raw Maca Bar

Roobar Cherry Maca Energy Bar

Roobar - Maca Cherry Bar