Recommended Maca Capsules and Pills

To make sure you get nutrients from maca root in your diet every day, taking capsules is a good option. Also, if too busy and do not have time to prepare early morning maca shake, capsules are a great and a convenient alternative.

Capsules are also a good option in case you dislike a nutty and earthy taste of raw maca powder.

NOW Maca 500 mg Capsules by NOW Foods (available on Amazon)

Black Maca Capsules – Raw, Certified Organic, Fresh Harvest From Peru, Fair Trade, Gmo-free, Gluten Free and Vegan – 750 Mg by The Maca Team (available on Amazon)

Red Maca Capsules – Raw, Certified Organic, Fresh Harvest From Peru, Fair Trade, Gmo-free, Gluten Free and Vegan – 750 Mg by The Maca Team (available on Amazon)

Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules (available on Amazon)

Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca  750mg Vegetable Capsules (available on Amazon)

Organic Gelatinized Black Maca Root Supplement from Peru – 500mg by Madre Nature (available on Amazon)

Black Maca Root 1600mg Capsules (NON-GMO & Gluten Free) by NusaPure (available on Amazon)

Organic Maca Root Black, Red, Yellow 950MG by  NaturaLife Labs (available on Amazon)

Organic Maca Root, Veggie Capsules, Gelatinized, 500mg for Enhanced Bioavailability by Viva Naturals (available on Amazon)

How are maca capsules made?

Maca capsules are made from dried maca roots are ground to powder, packed and then sold in capsules as a food supplement. The capsules provide a healthy and convenient way to take maca.

Most common maca capsules usually contain about 500 milligrams of ground, dried maca in each capsule. Maca capsules are then usually sold in bottles of 100 capsules with pure maca root.

Maca Capsules Usage Tips

Companies selling maca in capsules are recommending 3-6 capsules a day  (about 2000 and 3000 mg per day). This amount will provide you with an optimal dose to reap the benefits of maca. Some people are taking even more capsules. How many capsules you take, will depend on your own needs, if you plan to take black maca or red maca or if you are a man, a woman or active athlete. Learn more about maca dosing here.

  • With maca, you have a safe, effective, nontoxic and non-addictive way to significantly improve your overall well being, without the hazards of prescription drugs.
  • Maca benefits with maca capsules are as same as with other maca products.
  • Take capsules every day for optimal results.
  • To avoid maca side effects, it is recommended to start with only one capsule a day and then increase the amount gradually to see where your limits are.