Men’s Cosmetics Containing Maca Root

Recommended Maca Cosmetics

Even I already found maca supplements very useful to me I was still slightly skeptical about using maca externally as a cosmetic. It was Christmas 2006 when I got from Santa a gift containing Body Shop Maca Face Wash, Deodorant and Face Scrub.

After giving these Body Shop items a test, I fell in love with some of the items in the ‘For Men’ product line. I find these items refreshing to use and also this product line does not irritate my skin like many other products I have tried.

Maca Root Face Wash

This maca root face wash has a very mild scent and leaves a nice fresh slightly cooling effect on the skin after wash. Especially during the hot season, the effect feels nicely cooling, almost like a breeze for quite some time.

Since my skin is quite sensitive to all chemicals and often gets redness from different products, I was glad to test and find out that this face wash did not cause any issues with my skin. You may want to give it a try too.

So, my first recommendation in this series is Maca Root Face Wash by Body Shop (click to check the current price on Amazon).

Maca Root Deodorant Stick

I have multiple of these. I have this maca deodorant stick in my night table, shower room shelf and usually in my toiletry bag when traveling. This deodorant stick has a very mild scent, and it feels more like a slight oily-type antiperspirant instead of deodorant. I do not personally prefer strong scent deodorants, so this is perfect for me. And again, with this item, I have not experienced any skin irritation. I did read few customers reporting skin irritation on Amazon, but personally, this item is fit for me, even I have easily irritable skin type.

The stick packaging is convenient, with screw in the bottom to get the stick out. The cap sits snugly, and that is why I just throw this item in my gym pack without too many worries it to smudge any other items. My second recommendation is Maca Root Deodorant Stick by Body Shop (click here to jump on Amazon).

Other maca cosmetic items I have tried and my experiences

Shave Cream

I am modern 3-4 blade shaver guy, and I love good shaving gel to smoothen my shaving experience. I do always have The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream small tube in my travel shaving arsenal, and I do enjoy its natural feel and the same scent than other items in the product line, but it is a bit tricky or at least different to use than shaving gel.

With this shaving creme, you need to watch out the amount of water you apply. If you add too much water, the product gets way too thin, and you end up shaving your face with something that reminds like mayonnaise spreading texture. My tip is to wet your face thoroughly before applying the shave cream, and then things work pretty nice. Once the cream is on your face, rub, rub and add water only when needed with very small amounts. Any excess of water makes the cream too thin to enjoy good shaving.

The shave cream is also available in a jar, and you can check the item here on Amazon.

Maca Root Balancing Face Protector Facial Moisturizer

The Body Shop Maca Root Moisturizer is pretty OK, but I am not a big fan of moisturizers generally. I do find it very useful on rare moments when my face is dry and does give instant relief. But my face is rarely dry that way, so I don’t miss moisturizers that often.

Maca Root Eye Rescue Serum

This small bottle was with the Body Shop gift back a few years before.  I don’t think I would have never bought eye serum (it’s is creamlike lotion) separately. But hey I got one! And what does it is supposed to do is to “refreshen” and “hydrate” eye area. Again, I find very rarely need to refreshen or hydrate my eye area, but if my skin is dry, I totally misuse this product as a moisturizer.

And since it is a very small item, it goes well along with travel items. I am actually very fond of the packaging with a neat little pump mechanism. The packaging is pure fun, but the person who designed the stuff inside the packaging most likely does not like this, but to me, it is just a small moisturizer. Admire this wonderful lotion packaging here on Amazon.

Maca Root Deodorant Spray

Yay! This is the most refreshing pump sprays I have ever met. And again it has the same earthy scent that is quite difficult to describe but is very pleasant. The whole scent effect after applying is very subliminal, and if you are looking for that effect, I would recommend giving the spray a go. It definitely gives out that clean, fresh feeling for a long time. My tip to apply this is straight after the shower when you are still wet. Spray a cloud and let it fall on you and the rub yourself dry with a towel.

What are these items not doing?

If you are in a situation where you are using deodorants or sprays to hide strong odors these items fall short. Their capability to hide stronger odors is not good at all. But if you are looking for a fresh scent on your clean body, then they are more than perfect.

Other items you may want to give a try

The Body Shop Maca for Men series also has Maca Root and Aloe Calming Aftershave Water Gel Lotion and Maca Root Razor Relief that I will give a try and write more about them when I have tested them out thoroughly.

And if you are looking for a maca gift for a man

I know one thing for sure about this series of products: If you wish to give me a gift, these items are always welcome to me. My family knows it, and they often remember me with these items that are also well priced and thus suitable ideas for nice little remembering of someone.

For gift purposes, I can highly recommend any The Body Shop Maca gift sets that combine multiple items. The Body Shop seems to bring seasonally new combinations of all these items, so the gift sets change all the time. Right now they have this shave away kit in their gift collection.

… and plea to bring maca face scrub back to markets

Maca Face Scrub has unfortunately been out of production or availability for some time. The Body Shop is doing almost every year little tweaks to this product line.

The Maca Root Face Scrub was creamy in texture mixed with rice particles and it was ideal for those who wanted to clean, firm their skin, boost the vitality of the skin or for those who wanted to soothe their skin.

The scrub contained crushed rice particles and yet did not feel harsh at all and it did the heavy cleaning. This is pretty much the only face scrub that I was using for few years. I still have one bottle stored and tend to savor it until the last squeeze. All you needed to do is rub it gently on your skin (harsh rubbing may damage your skin if sensitive) leave it for a minute or two and let the scrub do the work.

Unlike other products which leave your skin dry and tight, this creamy scrub mixed with sesame oil did the moisturizing part too! The clean skin with added oils guaranteed a quick smooth feeling. I truly miss this item. Please, bring it back, The Body Shop!