Recommended Vitex Agnus Castus Products – Chasteberry

Vitex + Chasteberry Supplement 650 mg

Vitex plus is a new more potent formulation of Chaste Tree Berry extract – 650 mg per serving. It is promoted to support fertility, to balance hormones and for menstrual cycle irregularities. It is gluten and soy free, plus it is suitable for vegetarians. Vitex plus is also a 100% organic product.

Vitex+ | 650mg Vitex Chasteberry Supplement Formula 



Chaste Tree Supplement by Botanicals

This Chaste Tree supplement by Botanicals is yet another organic product, with kosher certified capsules filled ONLY with Chaste Tree Berry Powder and nothing else. The chaste tree supplement is suitable for vegetarian, it is gluten free, and with no harsh preservatives, fillers or GMOs. It contains 90 Vegan Kosher Capsules with 400 mg full-spectrum raw organic chaste tree berries. 100% MANUFACTURE’S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Vitex - Chasteberry Tree

Chaste Tree Capsules – 90 Kosher Vegetarian Caps – with 400mg for Normal Hormonal Support



Vitex Fruit by NusaPure – 900mg

Pure & Natural Vitex Chasteberry Fruit Extract Premium 900 mg is in capsule format and uses an enhances concentration of powder that is four times the average powder! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Vitex Chasteberry


BEST Vitex Chasteberry Fruit Extract (NON-GMO & Gluten Free)


Vitex Chasteberry Fruit Extract by Ahana Nutrition

Vitex product by Ahana Nutrition are capsules, completely tasteless and odorless making it extremely easy to use. The capsules contain no artificial flavor, yeast, soy, starch, wheat, sugar nor gluten. If for any reason at all, customers are unhappy with your purchase, they’ll receive a no questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days.

Vitex Fruit

Vitex Capsules 800mg – Supporting Fertility, Hormonal Balance & PMS Symptoms