Where Can You Buy Red Maca?

Red maca is rather rare and unique product. Milder in taste than the yellow maca, red (also called purple) maca root grows in Peru at high altitudes, same as other common types of maca root (black maca and yellow maca).

For all those who have not used maca before, maca or Lepidium Meyeni (or Lepidium Peruvianum) is a cruciferous crop used as a food and as a medicine. Red maca has almost same health properties as black maca and yellow maca:

  • It is an excellent energy booster.
  • Balances hormones in both men and women.
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac in both men and women.
  • Excellent for men with prostate issues – red maca protects the prostate.
  • Has positive protective effects on bone structure (in rats).

The reason red maca is so attention focused is due to its specific qualities, not found in other maca types. For example in a research study, red maca has shown to have an extremely high content of glucosinolates, much more than in other cruciferous crops. Which means that when it comes to prostate issues, only red maca reduces the significantly ventral prostate size (in rats).

Red maca contains Highest Nutrient Content Of All Maca Colors With 59% Carbohydrates, 10% Bio-Available Protein, 8% Fiber, 40 Free And Amino Acids And 4 Unique Glucosinolates.

Studies Show Red Maca To Be The Best Maca For Female Fertility, Libido And Hormone Balance, Natural Energy Boosting And Male Prostate. Certified Organic Raw Red Maca Root Powder (image below) can be purchased online via Amazon.