Maca Root Scientific Review & Evidence – Is There Any Proof?

Maca Research per Year


The above graph is showing the number of maca research papers published and listed on PubMed every year since 2000.

And when I am writing this, it is only halfway through 2018!

We can expect more research papers written 2018 about maca root than any year before. This little turnip originating from Peruvian highlands must contain something interesting. Scientific studies show nothing else but increased interest towards maca and the compounds found in maca.

Is there evidence about maca root’s powers?

Yes, there is, and that is why maca is being at this very moment researched in laboratories. The recent interest seems to be into its molecular compounds and their application in various test tube scenarios ranging from their effect to our neurons to fertility research.

There are also multiple animal tests done that prove that maca root has positive effects on fertility, libido, semen count, menopausal symptoms, increased stamina and many other interesting topics.

It seems that compounds found in maca seem to find every year new dimensions how they could be used to enhance our lives.