Buying Maca

Buying Maca Root Capsules, Powder, Tablets

Maca products can be found in a powder form, as extracts, in capsules, tablets or as tinctures.

One can also buy delicious maca bars, mixed with other healthy ingredients. The most natural form of maca is dried organic powdered maca easy to prepare and with it’s strong but nice nutty flavour.

All products can be found online.

Maca powder is a simple raw maca abundant with nutrients, potent and reasonable to buy. Maca powder can be mixed with your favorite juice, soya milk, or with milkshake. If you prefer you can buy maca powder in bulk that way you will use it constantly.

Maca capsule is good to buy if you are too busy for making a morning drink or you are not able to tolerate raw maca taste. Maca extract active ingredients are more concentrated.